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 Graphite electrode and carbon electrode are commonly used for chemical silicon smelting. At present, graphite electrode is mainly used in China.Industrial silicon reduction furnace is resistance electric arc furnace. The electrode is inserted into the furnace charge for submerged arc smelting, continuous heating, intermittent silicon tapping and continuous operation, also known as submerged arc furnace. In the silicon smelting furnace, graphite electrode is the heart and an important part of the conductive system. Electric current is input into the furnace through graphite electrode to generate electric arc, which is used for chemical silicon smelting. Requirements for graphite electrode materials: (1) Good conductivity and low resistivity to reduce power loss. (2) high melting point, small thermal expansion coefficient and difficult deformation; (3) Sufficient mechanical strength at high temperature and low impurity content.Graphite electrode has low ash content, good conductivity, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, so it is a good choice for chemical silicon smelting.